Exercising by going to the gym strengthens our muscles and we get a smart look. Exercising sweat by going to the gym also benefits us mentally. However, it is not enough to just go to gym and exercise, but it is important that you keep your diet right too. If your diet does not contain essential nutrients, then this can cause harm to you instead of gain. Learn how to get top muscles –


Start your day with boiled eggs. By eating two eggs in the morning breakfast, your muscles and weight will grow rapidly. Egg (only white part) is a high source of protein. An egg contains six to eight grams of protein. Along with that, zinc, vitamin, iron and calcium are also abundant. All these things together make it a perfect diet.

Chicken Breast

Chicken is considered to be the most essential diet for those who go to the gym. Every hundred grams of calories contain 30 grams of protein and there is very little fat content. Their prices are also low and they are also easy to make.

Water is necessary

Water becomes more important than diet in many cases. 70 percent of our body is water and muscles are made of 75 percent water. Water is extremely important for maintaining fluidity in the muscles and maintaining muscular strength. This increases the energy level and digestion is fine. Drink water according to your weight.


The elements present in the pineapple helps digestion of bromine protein. Along with this, it also reduces the irritation of the muscles. Therefore, please include your diet after workout. This is also delicious in the food, so once you start eating it, you will just be eating.


According to a research, the pace of spinach muscle growth increases by 20 percent. By eating about a kilo of poultry per day, you will benefit greatly. This is a very useful diet for vegetarians.

Sweet potato

This can be very useful for those who want to make muscles. The amount of carbohydrate in them is quite high. It is a very nutritious element for the body. It is also helpful for muscles. Along with this there is also a rich amount of vitamins and minerals. It also keeps blood sugar levels under control.


Almond has long been known for strength and intelligence. Protein and fat are abundant in this. But, the most important is vitamin E found in it, which is very important in muscle building. This powerful antioxidant helps in extracting toxic substances from the body, allowing you to recover quickly from exercise.

Cottage cheese

Some people may be able to change the face of the mouth after eating it. But it is very useful in building muscle. A cup of cottage cheese contains 28 grams of protein. It does not seem to be hungry for a long time after eating it.


Include fiber rich substances such as broccoli, spinach, tomato, corn and onion in your diet after workout. Eat fruits and vegetables at least five to seven times a day. Vitamin, mineral and fiber cannot have any other food better than this. Do not cook your vegetables much; it eliminates the nutritious substances present in them.

Chocolate milk

According to a study published in the International Journal of Sports and Exercise Metabolism, chocolate milk is as good as milk sports drinks. It also gives full benefit to exercise, as well as the body also gets lost energy too soon.

Whole grains

If you do not get enough amount of carbohydrate during the gym, the muscles begin to weaken. Therefore, the body should eat whole grains to give a lot of carbohydrates. Whole grains such as rice, wheat, millet, porridge etc. are If you have more energy than you can exercise for a long time.

The fruit

Fresh fruit is very important for providing energy to the boy during the gym. Oranges and apples are very important fruits to build muscle. Pectin is found in orange and apple in the orange, which strengthens the muscles.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits contain high amounts of protein and vitamins. Although fat is also good in quantity but it is not harmful to health and does not lead to obesity. The gymnast should eat approximately 15-20 almonds, cashews and walnuts, every day.

It is very necessary to strengthen the muscles, for this, they need a greater amount of protein, in this slideshow, we are telling you some ways to make protein packs –

Almond Barfi

Almonds are rich in calcium and protein, which strengthens bones and reduces the risk of bone disease i.e. osteoporosis. If you do bodybuilding, then you should eat almonds made Barfi. Because this barfi also has healthy fat with proteins and calcium which keeps your weight in control. To make this barfi, add protein powder to coconut oil. Now spread the mixture into the paper in the paper. Then spread the Almond Butter from above. Then crush the almond and coconut on top of this layer. Now keep it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. After 3 hours, cut this almond paste into small pieces. Take your almond barfi ready.

Banana Mix Shake

To keep yourself fit during bodybuilding, make Mix Shake is the best protein pack. It is very easy to create it. To make this, only you have to have the necessary things. So first take a cup of oats, two tablespoons olive butter, one banana, one spoon cinnamon, and pinch of salt and two cups of water for it. Now grind all these ingredients in a mixer until it gets smooth. Take Your Mix Making Shake Ready.

Protein Packed Pancakes

It is very easy to create it. To make this, take three cups of pancake mix, egg whites and half low water. Now mix all these ingredients and put them on a hot pancake. When the bubbles come out during cooking, turn it over and let it cook until the egg is cooked. Here’s your protein-packed pancake ready. You can eat it at breakfast and complete the amount of protein throughout the day.

Coconut and almond laddoo

Make some coconut and almond laddoo in the house and eat every morning and evening in the breakfast room. A laddoo is enough to meet the need for protein in the body. Crush coconut and almonds to make it. Now take a little ghee in the curry and put sugar powder, crushed coconut and almonds in it for two minutes. Now bundle this mixture in laddoo and keep it in the freeze. Your coconut and almond laddus are ready.

Make smoothing butter

Every bodybuilder should take the soft-chill butter. This keeps you energized throughout the day. Make sure to make this butter when you are in haste and you have nothing to make. It is enough to meet the needs of all the nutrients in your body. To make it, take a banana, a spoonful peanut butter, a cup of vanilla immune milk and two-three ice-cubes. And all these things should be blended well in the mix. Now remove it in a glass and put fat-free cream above it. Now take a fresh, fresh butter to enjoy the fun of Smoothie.


So now we have come to know that it is very necessary for the bodybuilder to strengthen the muscles, for this, they need a lot of protein, so now adopt these methods and strengthen your muscles.