Men and sometimes women also notice that their hair is getting thinner before time due to many different reasons. With age, menopause, pregnancy, genetics, disease and many other causes play an important role in hair loss. Of course you can use medicines like Rogaine (which is given to prevent hair loss), or can have hair transplant or fusion, but sometimes only natural methods that are not only easy but also cheap, you can get rid of this problem. There are many natural ways that, without the use of chemicals, hair can be increased faster and can be made bright and shining.

Home remedies

1. Bring moisture back through hot oil treatment : for this, you can use any natural oil like safflower and musty or olive oil. Use this method discreetly, because by using the oil quickly, your hair will start to become white before the time of heat.

• Heat the oil warm; Do not let it warm. The ideal temperature should not exceed 40 °C (104 ° F). After this, massage the scalp with this oil.

• Now wear a shower cap for an hour. After that after washing or shampoo, remove the oil from the hair.

• Mayonnaise also works as well as a conditioner. Apply it well in the hair, wear shower cap for one hour and then wash and clean it.

2. Try garlic, onion or ginger juice at Scalp: Make sure not mix them together but use only one. Put the juice on the scalp overnight and wash it in the morning.

3. Apply melon in your hair: Mehndi seals hair follicles, which strengthens hair roots. For better results, you can mix curd and egg in it too.

4. Use green tea in your hair: Tea contains anti-oxidants which can prevent hair loss and can also help in growing.

 • Prepare tea by mixing two green tea bags in one cup of water. Allow tea to cool slightly and then put it in the hair.

 • Leave it for an hour, After that wash the hair well.

5. Use potatoes and henna by boiling water in water: filter out the water from it and wash hair every day.

6. Use fenugreek granules: Regular use of it will keep hair strong, bright and well-kept.

 • Soak the fenugreek seeds in enough water, then grind them and make a paste.

 • Massage it lightly by putting it on a scalp.

 • Now leave it for half an hour.

 • After that wash it with cold water.

7. Massage the scalp with aromatic oil: Massage increases blood circulation which keeps hair follicles active. Massage your scalps with your hands for 2 minutes daily. To increase the effectiveness of massages, add a few drops of lavender or almond-based bay-essential-oil or sesame oil on your scalp.

8. Use egg oil: Massage your spaghetti with egg oil and leave it for overnight.

• Apply a light shampoo (herbal shampoo will be better) while bathing in the morning so that egg oil is released. Use the shampoo only once, because replicating natural lipids from the hair causes the hair to become dry and weak.

• Use egg oil 2-3 times per week for at least 12 weeks and results will be visible. Regular and continuous use of proper cell numbers is important.

• Continue the use of egg oil for a long time to prevent hair loss and whitening. Leaving in the middle of hair loss and getting white can start back.

• Egg oil is easy to use and durable. It is not only more convenient than using egg yolk, but also provides relief from the deodorant of raw egg coming from the hair while bathing in hot shower. There is no risk of salmonella, which can give infection to scalp.

• You can prepare egg oil in the home or buy online

Change in lifestyle

1. Add more protein-rich foods to your diet: Eating lean meat, fish, soya and other proteins helps prevent hair from falling. Vitamin B-12 is also found in many foods containing high protein content.

2. Keep in mind your hair: Never comb the wet hair and rub it with towels and dry them. Instead, let them dry in the air or dry them by the blower so that they have some moisture remaining and then let them dry in the air.

3. Reduce stress: Sometimes the main cause of hair loss is stress.

Make meditation: Meditation can provide support both in reducing stress and bringing back your hormonal balance. Meditation can also help in other aspects of your life.

Do some exercise: Walk for 30-60 minutes daily, swim or cycle. Any game such as tennis can play so that you can throw the ball in your inside bumps and kills it. Exercise helps to lower your stress levels.

4. Talk to someone or write something: Talk about your life partner, any friend or family doctor, or any therapist, whatever you’re experiencing. Take the time to record your feelings in a journal.

5. Avoid Wig or Fake Hair: These seem to be good cosmetic remedies, but they can make your hair fall further by damaging your hair follicles.

Herbs & Supplements

1. Take vitamins : You must have heard from your mother that vitamins are good for you but you hardly know that they are good for your hair too. Include some mg of these in your daily routine.

2. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an antioxidant that produces healthy sebum in scalp. The sweet potato in betel-carotene has plenty of vitamins A, which not only helps make Scalp healthy, but also helps in the growth of hair.

3. Omega-3: Take fatty acids called omega-3. Beefy fish, egg yolk, fish caviar and milk are foods that contain omega-3.

4. Vitamin E: It also increases blood circulation in the scalp which is important for keeping hair follicles productive.

5. Vitamin B: It helps your body produce melanin, which provides hair its healthy color. Melanin also increases blood circulation.

Use saw palmetto: For the past few years, much of the use of soap polameto, hair and skin is being used to make healthy and better. It prohibits the formation of DHT (Testosterone component) in the body, which is considered to be the cause of prostate enlargement in hair loss and men. However, there is no effective role in preventing hair from falling, it has no clinical evidence.


When you take a typical treatment for your scalp, make sure that your clothes, furniture or bedding is away from you or they will get spoiled or they may become unpleasant deodorant.