The fat of the stomach or other parts of the body is a particularly harmful type of fat that accumulates around your organs. For reducing belly fat, the first 2 weeks are most important, because changing the diet and exercise can reduce weight in less time. So let us know how the fat accumulates in our body and how it is different, after which, adjust your lifestyle to reduce the maximum fat.

Erase belly fat myths to reduce belly fat

Do not try to keep stomach muscles separate :- Fat of the stomach cannot be reduced to the other parts of the body just like the fat. Body fat can be removed from a combination of diet and exercise.

Do not starve yourself :- By eating very little food, your body begins to go into fat storage mode, so you should eat breakfast, healthy snacks and fresh food. Women should have at least 1,500 calories a day, while men should eat at least 1,700 calories.

Pay more attention to exercise than diet :- Regardless of diet and exercise play important role in weight loss, sleep and stress also play important role in reducing stomach fat. Less sleep and more stress, cortical hormones make up more in the body, which is responsible for the accumulation of fat in the middle part of the body.

Do not start with your own cleansing or liquid diet:- Cleansing is usually effective for weight loss when combined with a healthy diet, while liquid diet does not give you the nutrients needed to lose permanent weight. Otherwise, replace fresh products, non-fat proteins and whole grains to change eating habits.

Do not expect equally weight loss:- If you maintain loyalty to the weight loss routine then you will be able to reduce more inches on your stomach for 2 weeks before the next week. If you are 15 lbs (6.8 kg) more than your ideal weight, then you will see significant results in weight loss in the first 2 weeks and stomach deficiency will be later with some difficulty.

Remember that all the fat is not uniform:- the fat deposited around your organs is called intestinal fat, and this increases the chance of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. If your thighs, hips or arms have fat deposits compared to “stomach fat”, then scientists believe that it can be healthier.

Food for reduce to weight

Eat more protein:- Ideally, all your proteins should be without fat, such as the white part of the egg, fish, chicken or red meat with very little fat or fat. Your body needs more energy to digest proteins and it strengthens muscles.

Creating muscles will help in melting fat. As you are strong, it accelerates melting fat in your metabolism. Remember this while planning your regular exercise.

Eat the right types of foods more:- replace white bread, pasta, fat meat and sugar with fruits and vegetables. Your plate may be more complete than before, as long as 1/2 to 2/3 meals Have vegetables.

Go shopping every Sunday:-  Shop with the perimeter of the grocery store and produce a wide variety of colors. For the next 2 weeks, only buy whole grains, fruits, vegetables and non-fat proteins.

Add low-fat dairy substitutes to your diet:- Without whitening protein, water curd, the cream made out of cream and even low-fat cheese, feel full and can reduce calcium, a hormone that increases fat deposits. Eat at least 6 ounces of yogurt per day; choose less or less sweet products in sweet than sweet products.

Eat whole grains instead of processed food:- However, instead of just buying whole wheat bread, eat amaranth, oatmeal, apple, banana, linseed and wild rice. These fiber sources help to digestion flush the system and appear to decrease fat.

Choose your fat:- Try changing your fat to unsaturated fat for the next few weeks. These fat nuts are found in olive and olive oil, linseed and butter fruit.

Choose a rich breakfast in whole grains, proteins, and unsaturated fats. For example, a protein-containing, non-water curd, almond butter and porridge or peanut butter wrapped in a piece of cereal bread will give you plenty of time to fill and provide the most essential nutrients.

Exercise for fat reduction

Choose Hard and Fast Exercise:- When it comes to melting fat in the body, then every exercise is not made equal. For the next 2 weeks, choose moderate exercise rather than high-intensity exercises like running, swimming, biking, sailing or boot camp.

Do strong training 6 times in the next 2 weeks:- 3 times a week, works every other day. If you are comfortable doing, start with a free weight of 4 to 5 pounds (1.8 to 2.3 kg) and move up to 7 lbs (3.2 kg).

  • If you do not know the proper form, then select overweight weight machines.
  • Always do your part while exercising. Do not segment your back. The art of folding the intestine of your stomach will help to build the stomach muscles and define the stomach.
  • Lose weight for at least 30 minutes at a time.
  • Start with simple and well-known exercises such as curling arms, lift up, pull up, curl upwards, chest press
  • Do 3 sets of 8 to 10 exercises. Use enough weight so that you can get tired of your muscles and after each 3-set exercise you need a rest.

High-intensity interval training / HIIT:- It involves the task of running during your cardio session for 30 seconds in a minute. Give yourself sprints between 2-4 minutes. During the workout, remember that for the first 5 minutes of moderate workout and quiet exercise, moderate intensity easy intensity.

  • Walking can also be adjusted for a HIIT workout. 3 walks short spaced (change sharp moves with some slow time) and each week with 2-speed moderate intensity. Your 3 to 5 times more intestine will burn fat.
  • After 2 weeks of burning belly fat, you can increase your sprints’ brightness to reduce your workout time for 20 minutes and get similar benefits.

Make cardio for at least 30 minutes :- You usually crush carbohydrates up to 20 minutes mark and then reduce the fat accumulated. For more weight loss, extend your high intensity training to 5 times per week for the next 2 weeks 45 minutes.

Try an intermediate class :– Pilates, Bare, inner and some yoga styles focus on building your stomach and back muscles. Apart from weight lifting these muscles, through special exercises, each week you will be able to burn more fat.


  • Consult your doctor before changing your diet and exercise, if you have a chronic illness or joint problem. Doctors can ask for help with a physical therapist or a nutrition specialist to avoid harmful exercise.
  • Remember to drink a lot of water and do not let yourself dehydrate. This may possibly extend your stomach, as your weight has increased while it is not so.
  • Water detox abdomen helps to lose weight of the hands and feet, adding lemon, orange, kiwi and citrus fruits in water can cause detox water.
  • One day, workout and hydrated for 60-70 minutes in total. Include up to 5 minutes warm up during your exercise, gradually increasing the heart rate, like a slower race with a gradual speed fast speed. After that, exercise 60 minutes to maintain heart rate, you can do 2-3 different exercises. Finally, to reduce your heart rate for 5 minutes, turn the race into a move.

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