Nowadays protein supplements are very popular. Most people going to the gym are taking supplements. But some people have the illusion about it. However some gym trainers recommend it. The question arises whether the person who joins the gym for the first time also needs supplementation? Well, we are giving you all the information related to the supplement in your article. After reading this, all your confusion associated with the supplement will be removed. Read- Side Effects of Protein

Who needs protein?

Protein body is important for building. A normal person can get 1 gram / kg body weight protein daily and sportspersons may require 1.2-1.5 grams / kg. So much protein is not available to you from daily doses, so supplements are needed. It is easy to digest and it comes in the form of powder, bar, mile replacement etc. You can take it on the advice of your trainer. Read- How to Increase Weight without Supplement!

  • Those people who cannot get enough proteins from their daily diet, they can take a protein supplement.
  • People who go to gym, especially those who take weight, benefit from protein supplements. This helps them to recover broken muscles.
  • Weightlifting, bodybuilding etc. people can take protein. In fact, such people need protein-all-essential nutrients.
  • Injured players need more protein, this helps them recover from injuries.

When and how much protein to take

People working outside can take 1.2-1.5 kg per kg of body weight according to body weight. According to ICMR, one gm of protein per kilogram weight can be taken. It is taken with juice, milk and water. If you work more heavily, you can take 25-30 grams of protein three times a day.

How is protein quality

Its quality is measured on the basis of biological value. The biological value of the protein is measured by better absorption and use by the body. This means that if the biological value is high, then it has more capacity to build thin muscles.

It comes in three forms

  • Protein concentrate- It is cheap and contains 29 to 89 percent of the protein and the rest contain carbohydrate, fats, minerals and water.
  • Protein isolate- It contains less fat, carbohydrate less. These are a dry mixture of foods. The amount of protein in it is 95-98 percent.
  • Protein hydrolysate – This is pre-digest protein isolate, which can be used by the body rapidly.

Types of proteins

Protein :- This is very important for the gym men. It contains 90 percent protein. It gives you plenty of energy and it provides the body with essential proteins. There is more of the Branch Chain Amino Acid. It contains Leucine, which helps repair damaged muscles. It is digested quickly. These usually come in different types of content such as concerts, isolates and hydrolysate.

Soya Protein :- It is obtained from soybeans. Its test is not good and the water is less soluble. Phytoestrogens present in soya protein have helped decrease in testosterone and increase female sex hormone estrogen. It contains more amino acids such as arginine and glutamine. This helps to stimulate the secretion of anabolic growth hormone, to prevent muscle breakdown and to maintain muscle. Soy protein is low in fat and cholesterol and is also good for the heart. Soya protein is available in soya protein isolate, soya flour, soy milk etc.

Casein Protein :- Casein is a calcium-rich milk protein, which reduces muscle breakdown and helps in the formation of muscles indirectly. There is more amount of casein protein in it. Casein is a slow digestive protein and provides long-term energy with the release of amino acids over a period of several hours.

Egg protein :- Egg is a good source of protein. This protein powder comes in form. Its biological value is also the highest. It contains low fat and carbohydrate and cholesterol. It is easy to digest and gradually gets energy.

Protein :- is a vegetable protein that is formed from P Yani peas. This reduces the risk of allergic reactions. It contains all essential amino acids, including branch amino acids. It is easy to digest it. You can eat it before and after workout.

Rice Protein :- It is made from brown rice. It digest more slowly than other proteins. There are more amounts of cysteine and methionine.

Hemp protein :- These are made from hemp seeds. It is a high fiber protein, which contains more quantity of omega fatty acids and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. It is also easy to digest.

You can take these protein products

  • Vegan and vegative – Vegetable soya and protein can take protein. They contain low fat and zero cholesterol. P protein is also a good choice. Vegan rice and P protein can be taken. These contain amino acids in the same way as they are in the protein.
  • Lactose or gluten intolerant – No person with lactose intolerance is able to digest protein supplements made of milk. Therefore, such people should use proteins because they contain carbohydrates. For those who are allergic to milk, egg proteins are also very good choices. Soya, P, Rice Protein is also better for such people.

When should you get

If you are an athlete, you can take the protein anytime during the day. It increases muscle protein breakdown carbohydrate (MPB). Taking the protein of carbohydrate in the morning increases the effects of muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Both of these grow after workouts. Pre and Post Workout Supplement (MPB) and increase (MPS). These proteins are good alternatives for post workouts. Keep the slow-digested protein (MPS) high overnight.

For the manufacture of lean mussels – For this, protein is a good choice. By this, during the workout, the body gets energy efficient protein immediately. It is consumed before and after exercise.

Bodybuilding hardgrenres – For this, protein is better because it contains more quantities of creatine, fiber, vitamins and minerals. This helps in gaining masses. Many people do not make any difference to the muscle despite hard work. Such people fall into the category of Hardgener. In this case, you need to eat more than burn. The weight of carbohydrate is high in the supplementation of Wet gainer. You also have a strong need of protein for this. In this case, you can take whichever, casein or egg protein.

What comes in your budget – The protein comes in many forms and its value is also high. If your budget is right, then you can take a blended proteins supplement. It is of three types. Soya protein also comes in many forms and its price is also different.

For Mile Replacement – Eating at intervals of three hours helps your body burn fat. Keeping the body full helps in reducing blood sugar levels, reducing the greed. If you are having trouble eating 6 times a day, then you can take protein as shake. It contains sugar, carbohydrate, essential fatty acids, etc. This gives you less calories and high protein. But long-term use can lead to digestive disorders.

For Diabetic Patients – Diseases of the diabetes patients can take cumin and carbohydrate proteins. You can use Obicure products for this. It contains high protein, fiber and low calorie and fat. Take it to the doctor’s advice.

For ladies – Women can take proteins. Apart from this, soya protein is also a good option for women with pre and post menopause. Because there is plenty of protein in it.

For busy people – If you do not have too much time, then protein can be mixed in milk, then you can take a ready to drink protein shake. It contains high protein, low carbohydrate and contains some essential fatty acids. It keeps you full and avoids eating upside down and your desire for food also diminishes.

Side effect

  • Excessive consumption of protein without proper advice can have an effect on the kidneys and other organs.
  • There may be problem of kidney stones with high protein intake.