All of them want to increase muscle mass faster, they try it incorrectly too. But if you want to raise the muscles fast, then this is not a difficult task. By regular exercise and nutritious diet, you can increase the muscles faster.

Muscles play an important role in the operation of all the activities of our body. Therefore it is very important to have strong muscles. For this, give special attention to your catering. Increase the amount of protein, vitamins and minerals in your diet. Let us briefly inform you of muscle-boosting tips.

Quick Way To Make Muscle

The quick way to make muscle is to forget that you have to make the body heavy and focus on what kind of change you can make in your life style and make muscles in the given time. You can make muscle muscles through healthy diet and exercise. It does not happen overnight, but if you use the following article as a guide, you will feel the difference within a few weeks.

Exercise For Muscles

Exercise that uses more than one muscle group or more than one joint is called compound exercise. Compound exercises are suitable for making muscles. To increase muscle mass, weight and cables are used in these exercises.

Bicep and triceps exercise :- Through this, your bicep muscles will grow faster and stronger. For this you can go to the gym and take training. To exercise the bicep, hold the dumbles in front and stand. Keep palms on the front, keep the waist straight and sew on the front. Moving the elbow slowly bring the dumbles to your shoulder, then take it back. Lay down the waist on the bench for trips, then hold the dumbles high above the head, the palms facing each other. Move the dumbles from head to bottom while folding the elbows. Bring dumbles back to their starting position. Initially, set a set of 15 to 20 of these two to 3-4 sets. It can be done either by standing or sitting on the bench or by both ways.

Pushups :- To make muscle faster, you can push-up, you do not need to go to the  gym to do this. Pushups can be easily done at home too. One of the many advantages of pushups is that it is such a workout for a wide chest that you can do anywhere. To do this lay lie on the floor of the stomach. Raise the body with both hands and bring it down. This increases the chest muscles and the side will be strong.

Bench Press & Abdominal Crunch :- The bench press increases the chest muscles. For this, lie on the bench on the back and hold the barbell with both hands. Pick it up and down 12 to 15 times. This will strengthen the chest muscles and sew will be wide. Lend straight on the ground to do the abdominal crunch, and twist your legs like a scissor. After that, move both of your hands behind the head. Raise the body with the help of hands and touch the two holes with knees.Breathe the elbows while knocking the knees and leave them breathless. Do this 8-12 times.

Diet For Muscles

Protein is essential :- If you want to increase muscle with workouts, then you should take high protein diet. Because protein is very important for building muscles. It not only builds muscles, but also repairs the breakdown in our body. People who workout should especially take the diet containing protein complexes. But avoid using protein supplements. Green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, dried fruits, meat etc. are the natural sources of protein.

Vitamins and mineral :- Vitamins and minerals too have an important role in enhancing the muscles. So add protein, as well as mineral, vitamins and carbohydrates in your diet chart. There are good sources of rice, wheat, millet, porridge, cashew nuts, walnuts, chicken, dairy products, egg vitamins and mineral. Regularly eat these

Water and comfort :- Water and comfort are also important, along with nutritious diet and hard work to speed up the motherpatias. Water keeps moisture in our joints, muscles etc. Its deficiency can lead to tightness, pain, etc. in joints and muscles, which can lead to problems during workouts. Drinking water also keeps the skin soft. Also, do a lot of rest; take 7-8 hours of sleep. It is important to drink fluid and plenty of water all day for bodybuilding and muscles. Drink lots of water throughout the day while exercising to keep yourself contented. Drink water every 15-20 minutes during exercise as the body is affected due to dehydration (water deficiency).

Eat Calories

To make muscles, it is important that higher calorie intake is taken as much energy is required in early weight training. But it is possible that fat is frozen on your body due to high calorie intake. Consult the respected fitness consultant to avoid eating extra fat.

Digestive Enzymes

When your objective is to build muscles then you increase the amount of energy you need for training and increase muscle mass. Therefore, your body needs help to absorb nutrients in particular to digest food.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are another way to make muscles. Include weight lifting in your regular bodybuilding program. Weight training is important for muscle building.


When you exercise, especially when you take weight training and put pressure on your body then your body needs protein to avoid the breakdown of the muscles and to build the muscles. Protein breaks into amino acids by moving into the body, which is easily used in the body during exercise. This helps repair our body easily and effectively.

Diet For Making Muscles

Iron is abundant in red meat which is very important for muscle building. Eggs are also very important for bodybuilding. Consume various sources of protein for essential nutrients for the body.


Now we can say that If you want to speed up your muscles then exercise and diet should be an important part of your life. Apart from this, positive thinking and patience are also very important; New requires different training than an experienced bodybuilder. If you are a novice then understand the basics for becoming a successful bodybuilder.