When we are talk about human’s brain, even if the computer is the closest to us, but it is not as easy as slowing down the processing power of brain, sticking a stick into a computer’s RAM. When neurologists and neuroscientists discuss the processing speed of the brain, their gesture is directed at that time, that a person can take any new information, reach a decision on it, and then According to this definition, the secret of improving the processing speed is hidden in making a strong connection to the brain, Micro brain signal provides ease of access to high-speed high. Although the majority of this type of brain is formed in childhood, you can take some special measures to keep the processing speed of your brain and improve it.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Exercise aerobic in adequate amounts: The processing speed that we think about the brain is actually the rotation of electrical signals between the Axon and the axons are the wire connections connecting the different parts of the brain. White matter of the brain is made of these wire, and they are fed by blood vessels, which means that pulse like diabetes and hypertension Vascular problems can keep Exxon hungry with its essential food ie oxygen and glucose. Therefore it is the first advice to remain fit and to make aerobic exercise to maintain the exponential speed and speed up processing speed, which is the first advisory will give you.

• The regular cardio routine is associated with the birth of new neurons in the brain named Hippocampus. Here, hippocampus is the part of the brain that is important for knowledge and processing.

Eat the appropriate food : The brain health goes in line with the physical health. You have to take balanced meals even with the right amount of exercise. If you want, you can focus on such a variety of foods, which are related to the health of mind, for example.

• Blueberries are filled with antioxidants, that is, they can reduce the effect of protecting the brain and things related to age by oxidative stress. Eager to eat a cup of blueberries daily. Pomegranate juice and dark chocolate also come in other foods rich in antioxidants.

• Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain activity, and deep-water fishes, such as salmon, small sardines and hilsa, are abundant in these. Eat 2 or3 times a week for 4 oz in one meal.

• Almonds and Vitamin E in the seeds, which are helpful in fighting with the decline in the ability to know with age. Try to take an ounce of it in the day.

• Avocados are extremely helpful in preventing problems related to pulse like hypertension, and good blood circulation is essential for a healthy brain. Avocado has high fat content, so eat half of it in one day.

Get enough sleep every night: The American National Health Institute recommends sleeping 7 to 8 hours to adults and teenagers for 9 hours every day. [8] When you are in sleep, the brain makes a new circuit, and studies have shown That is to help adequate sleeping studies, problem solving skills and memory enhancement. [9] Helps sleep in repairing the arteries of the heart and blood. These are energy white tissue or white matter of the brain.

• Lack of sleep – The effect of 1-2 hours of sleep loss on many nights’ falls on the processing speed and the reaction of the person at any event. Studies have shown that such people take a long time to finish the job.

• Lack of sleep has long been associated with pulse problems such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, which results in lack of blood and oxygen in the brain of the exoner.

Continue Learning: Even in the adult stage, the brain makes a new combination. Learning a work creates new combinations and proficiency in those tasks strengthens those joints so that the information can pass through exponentially faster. Speak more clearly, when you learn, the brain Glial cells can make proteins and myelin sheaths around the Exxon, they are insulated, and in this way the signal is passed through them. Security can fast race.

• Learning new skills also enhances the myelin sheath and also creates new myelin sheaths around the bare axon.

• From the reading of the thick myelin sheath, can improve the brain’s actions like making memory and making decisions.

Play an instrument: Some studies have shown that starting playing a musical instrument is another great way to develop strong relationships in all parts of the brain. It is believed that musical training is essential to maintain special synergy in many parts of the brain – from visualization to music reading, from auditory to listen to what you are playing, and from motor Taking fingers on the instrument – In all these parts of the brain, the connections are more tightly bound.

• The group that took the most from music training was of the children, who started training before the age of seven; However, this also saw improvement in the performance of adult musicians, which are high level functions, and facilitates processing and processing of information faster

Maintain a Social Network: It is not necessarily online, living an active social life is really good for your physical abilities related to your knowledge. Live discussions ask for quick thinking. Therefore maintaining a strong social network is a great way to challenge yourself mentally and keep your watch on your feet.

Quit Smoking: Do not you smoke now? Then do not start it anymore. If you smoke, then leave it immediately. Smoking has the risk of cancer and emphysema, while studies have found it in the volume reduction of the brain, especially in the hippocampus region. The risk of non-smokers is to lose the amount of brain soon , Which can have a direct impact on the knowledge capabilities.

Try Brain Game

Anyone picture into a new window :- Simply put, science is still in dilemma about brain games. In trying hard to experiment, in the short-term scientific tests, brain games have sometimes been seen to affect knowledge ability, and not many times. The sudden rising popularity of brain games for a long time scientific study There is something new now that it is difficult to give opinion in favor or opposition to the effect on its mind. Many people feel that the brain game has helped the ideological level, so if you want, this is an example of a fast-growing brain game. Start with a large and clearly visible picture.

• Wherever the eyes are looking, take the names of those directions with a loud emphasis: Start from the top, move from left to right, go down from the top, simultaneously name the directions where the eyes are looking like, “Below, Left, top right … “By going through faces, bind yourself in time, and try to do it without fault, first within thirty seconds and then in fifteen seconds.

Increase the scope of your brain game: This is just one example of brain games. There are several websites dedicated to brain games with logic, memory, and processing speed. Game games with word games and logic puzzles made for the purpose of exercising brain capabilities are also available online.

• Luminosity, Brainiest, Fit Brains, and Games for the Brain – These are the websites dedicated to brain training.

• websites, you can also find brain training app games for your mobile device and game, like Brain Edge for Nintendo DS

Warning :

In general, if the brain game is really helpful or not, the scientific world needs more studies to get something to say.


so now we can say that, we can easily boost our brain through some normal activities, so now apply these all and boost your brain.