Our busy life makes us suffer from tension, which results in the decrease in the speed of our body’s metabolism, whatever we eat, it turns into energy due to the process of metabolism. It is a complex biochemical procedure in which calories present in food and drink items dissolve in oxygen to provide energy for the proper functioning of the body.

Even when we are resting, our body needs energy to do some essential functions such as blood circulation, balance of hormones, respiration, growth of cells and repair etc. The basal metabolism rate or BMR is the amount of calories that our body has many advantages to omega 3 to do these essential functions, which are difficult to list in the same article. The omega 3 fatty acid, also known for its antitoxins properties, is also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids.

What is metabolism

The chemical reactions that are necessary for life in metabolic organisms are called. These processes help organisms grow, breed, maintain their composition and stay alert to their environment. In general, metabolism is divided into two types. Catabolism dissolves organic matter. The metabolism of an organism determines which material will be nourishing for it and which is not, so let’s know about How to increase Your Metabolism in a Natural way

Foods and Metabolism

In fact, there are some foods whose balanced and regular intake can enhance your metabolism as well as reduce fat and balance the hormones. The intake of these foods also leaves the toxic substances of your body. But to get the full benefit from these substances, they should be taken as part of a clean diet. Learn more from these corners.

  • Oats :- Oats do amazing work to increase their metabolism, because it takes long time to break the fat-soluble fiber present in body rolled oats. This diet reduces the body’s insulin levels, which results in metabolic speed. Oats is the best diet that can be eaten and metabolic in the morning, containing protein and fat.
  • Spinach :- The spinach is rich in antioxidants, which helps repair damaged muscles. Additionally, spinach contains iron, vitamin C, potassium and magnesium in high doses. This green leafy vegetable gives more nutrients than any other food. Compared to red meat, spinach is a better source of iron gain. The spinach provides iron with low calorie and is completely fat free.
  • Almond :- Almond has a good amount of healthy fat, fiber, and incomplete protein. When the incomplete protein is taken with full protein like curd, then all nine essential amino acids are found in your body. Because almonds contain essential fatty acids, it enhances metabolism.
  • Apple :- Apple’s glycolic index is low, which should be consumed daily to keep a diet healthy and nutritious. Fiber is high in apples, which also fill your stomach. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” in the realm. This proverb is true.
  • Turkey :- Turkey’s protein-rich meat helps to produce lean muscle tissues. By which your body burns extra calories and increases your metabolism. Turkey has less saturated fat and more protein than chicken.
  • Curd :- There are many probiotic in curd, which are essential for healthy digestive system. Yoghurt is also good for healthy fats and proteins. Regularly eating yogurt improves metabolism.
  • Beans :- Apart from being high in beans fiber, there is also amazing food due to many other constipation. These are low glisemic foods. This means that their intake does not increase blood sugar. As well as having high fiber, they are also good for the heart. They contain potassium which reduces the risk of stroke and hypertension. Beans also reduce bleed cholesterol and have antioxidants, similar to green tea.
  • Grapefruit :- Grapefruit are really amazing. This sour fruit reduces the level of insulin which increases the body fat. Among them, fiber is also abundant. Gray fruit’s pink and red color is caused by lycopene. Lycopene is known to destroy tumor cells, and has the highest capacity to fight oxygen-free particles that damage the cells.
  • Fish :- Omega-3 fatty acids are found only in fish oil, which dramatically increases your metabolism by around 400 calories per day. Fish oil enhances the levels of enzymes burning fat in the body and reduces the levels of fat enlargement enzymes.
  • Water :- Drinking water really helps in weight loss. After drinking 17 ounces of water, the metabolic rate increases by up to 30%. Water works naturally to remove sodium and other toxic substances.

By following the following things related to our routine, we can control our metabolism –

Build Muscle (Curvy)

Even when we are resting, our body consumes calories. Metabolism rates are higher in people having more muscle than others. To maintain their energy, every pound of fat consumes 6 calories daily by consuming 2 calories and each pound of muscle. In some period the muscles become functional, which increases our body’s average metabolism rate per day. It also helps reduce weight by decreasing fat.


Increasing the rate of metabolism is one of the main ways of weight loss. Excessive protein intake with regular exercise will help in excessive consumption of calories. Take 5 to 6 times a day in which food with cheese, beans, turkey, tofu, nuts, eggs, low fat dairy products, protein and protein such as poultry and perfume per day will increase metabolism, make you feel energy and throughout the day The best way to keep up, Our body consumes more calorie in digesting protein than digesting fat and carbohydrate.


After exercise, aerobics increases metabolism in a few moments. Rapid exercise regulates more growth in metabolism rate during rest than exercising less fast. If you try to exercise more quickly at the gym or yoga center, then it will be really beneficial for your health, and incorporating a slight race in your morning excursion also increases your metabolism.

Energy Drink

Some elements present in energy drinks increase metabolism. Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks. Energy drinks contain more caffeine than tea, coffee and soft drinks. Caffeine not only increases the metabolism rate, but reduces reaction time and alertness. Therefore, they are included in most energy drinks. This helps in oxidation of fat and improves not only the performance of athletic but also affects the rate of metabolism and also eliminates fat.

Eat Snacks Wisely

Taking the right amount of calorie snack with the right amount of nutrients helps keep your body energetic and helps in weight loss. The nutritious snack of your diet includes apple, skimmed milk and paneer with avocado from protein, it is certain that you will not feel much hungry during the food and the process of metabolism that will finish the fat will continue.


So we can say that Metabolism can be divided into two category catabolism and anabolism. Elements of proteins and nucleic acids in anabolism are produced during the formation of energy and catabolism is the decomposition of organic matter and produced energy through cellular respiration. By doing the things given above our routine, we can control our metabolism.