The weight loss of people who make the mistake of leaving breakfast for weight loss does not increase. If you eat healthy and nutritious things in breakfast then it will be easy to lose weight. Let’s learn what type of breakfast to make for weight loss.

Take breakfast and lose weight

Do not forget to take breakfast before leaving home early in the morning. If you are leaving breakfast, you get more hunger in the next time, because of which you take more food, which is considered the main reason for weight gain. Know what type of diet can reduce your growing weight in breakfast, as well as making breakfast a lot easier.

Multigrain bread sandwich: – Breakfast can be very beneficial for taking breakfast with multigrain bread sandwiches. To make it, you can use plenty of vegetables. If you want to make sandwiches, you can also add slices of cheese. But be careful the cheese should be made of double-toned milk. Sandwiches made from vegetables and paneer are also rich in nutrition because it contains fiber, vitamin E and B, iron, magnesium and zinc.

Bread Roll: – The bread made from cereals is rich in fiber and protein and fat is very low in it. Mix soybean, ragi or oats flour with wheat flour and make green vegetables full of vegetables and make rotis. It also gives you the taste with health. Due to the abundance of fiber it is easy to digest.

Sweet oats: – Most people consume porridge for weight loss. If you want to make this milk or water, add milk or curd over it or make it with vegetables, it is quite nutritious breakfast in every way. Porridge, rich in carbohydrate, fiber, mineral, is easily digested. Consumption of porridge reduces the risk of blood pressure.

Oat :- Oat (Oats) is very important for us because fiber is very high in it. It also contains antioxidants, which keep you healthy and also protect from heart diseases. Oat is helpful in increasing immunity and keeps sugar and cholesterol in control. It also has the feeling of getting full stomach for a long time.

Egg: – Eggs contain proteins and vitamins, A, B and E. Calcium, potassium, sulfur and mineral are also very good. To lose weight, you only eat the white part of the egg, because the fat is very much in its yellow belt. Make omelet, make less use of ghee and put vegetables in it. Along with, one or two bread slices can take.

Cheesy of mung dal: – Besan or moong dal cheela is considered as a good breakfast. Add chopped vegetables like carrot, capsicum, beans, or stuffing cheese in the chill solution. Use chewing gum and at least oil or ghee. Take Chhich or curd with chila.

Sprouts: – Sprouts, that is, sprouted grapes are very helpful in weight loss. You can also make sandwiches by filling sprouts inside the bread. Curd or buttermilk with sprouts can be a good combination. Fat is very low in energy-rich sprouts. Along with that, take a whole brick or multi-grain bread, which makes it feel full for a long time.

Vet Flex: – By consuming cereal, the body receives carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and fibers. The best thing is that fat is very low in it, whereas minerals like iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus etc are in good quantity. Research says that those who eat cereals in breakfast, in which antioxidants fighting diseases are found more.

Poha or Upma :- Using Poha or Upma, it can be beneficial for health while using vegetables. Apart from this, adding nuts in it becomes quite nutritious. Then they get carbohydrate, protein, fiber and vitamins. Sodium is enough in semolina and cholesterol is not enough at all.

The risk of obesity by not having breakfast

If you do not have breakfast every day, then this can be harmful for you. According to a new research, people who do not have breakfast will have to face the problem of weight gain, Researchers say that people who do not take breakfast in the morning eat more in the afternoon and the desire to eat sweet and fatty foods is strong. Because of which they eat more and treat obesity. According to news published on Tuesday in the Daily Mail, obesity may also increase among those lean people.

This warning has been issued by the doctors and scientists of ‘Imperial College London’ who examined the mind of 21 healthy young men and women while photographing various types of food. Studies have also found that these people like to do things like salads, vegetables, chocolates, sweet dishes, cakes, pizzas and burgers.

Chew your food

Set up a 20-minute timer and see for yourself how much you eat slowly. It is one of the main habits of weight loss practice without complex diet plan. Cut each byte to taste until the bell starts playing.

More sleep, less weight

Researchers at the University of Michigan, who reduce 2,500 calories per day, can help to reduce the weight of an hour more than 14 pounds a year in a year. This shows that you can reduce 6 percent of calories without sleeping instead of idle activities such as waste snacks.


so now we can say that many people think that not having breakfast is a good way to reduce calories, but they usually eat more throughout the day. “Studies show that people who eat breakfast are less compared to non-smokers, and they perform better at school or in boardrooms.” For a quick and good start of your day, a bowl can take only fruits and low fat milk products with cereals.